TSI is a ATF Type 7 firearms manufacturer with SOT and builds custom and milspec ARs as well as our  full service gunsmithing shop with certified and qualified gunsmiths to support your requirements.  We maintain accounts with most major manufacturers and should we not have a repair part in stock, we will have it within 3 days.  Whether you wish to have new sights, replace a stock, change the appearance of your firearm, or just need it tuned up or cleaned, please contact us for your specific needs.

Shop hourly labor rate:

For custom work, most repairs, cleaning, tune-ups, etc. we use our specified hourly rate.  For anything that we require to send outside for custom work (excluding machining), we use the contract rate.  All custom milling, engraving or machine work is billed at the custom machine rate.  Prior to any work commencing, we will provide an estimate of cost.

Labor, hourly rate $60.00
Labor, minimum charge $20.00
Labor, contract services $75.00
Labor, custom machine various


AR-15 Style Firearms Service:

Complete disassemble, clean, safety check, oil, and reassemble $60.00
Maintenance rebuild (includes all new springs, new gas rings, complete disassemble, clean, safety checks, oil, and reassemble) $120.00
Magazine maintenance rebuild 3-pack (includes new follower spring, MAGPUL self-leveling follower and complete cleaning of three of your magazines) $45.00
Upper/Lower enhancement bundle (includes adjusting the upper to lower receiver fit and refinish with a matte black moly coating) $200.00
Convert your .223 to .22LR. Practice your sight picture and trigger pull by shooting inexpensive .22LR ammo (includes installation of new bolt carrier, bolt assembly and one 10rd magazine made by CMMG) $240.00
Additional 10rd magazines for the above (black) $39.99
Additional 26rd magazines for the above (black) $39.99
Completely assemble a lower from parts kit $60.00
Install custom triggers from makers like Rock River, Geissele, JP Ent., Chip McCormick, Jewell, etc $60.00/hr
Install A2 front sight base on custom barrel (includes machining for taper pins) $80.00
Thread barrel for brake or flash hider $120.00
Custom sights available from Trijicon, Aimpoint, JP Ent and many more Price on Request
Install accessory handrail, forend, or free float tubes, many variations Price on Request
Custom grips available from Hogue, MAGPUL, Command Arms, and many more Price on Request


Custom DuraCoat Metal Finishing:

Pricing includes: Bead blasting and Duracoat application.

Long Gun (one color) $225.00
AR-15 Style Rifles $300.00
Handgun (one color) $200.00
Handgun (two colors) $225.00
Long gun stock only $100.00
Receiver only $50.00
Trigger guard only $35.00
Magazine only $25.00


You may choose to coat your firearm in more than one color. An up-charge of $35.00 per color will be assessed. An up-charge at a rate of $60/hour will be assessed. Depending on condition, not all firearms can be restored to the original finish. With epoxy finishes, it is possible to layer colors and create and endless variety of patterns.

Please view the DuraCoat website for colors available


1911/Glock/Sig/HK Semi-Auto Pistol Services:

Tighten and lap slide and frame to a perfect "one to one" fit $140.00


Fit barrel

Non-ramped barrel $180.00
Ramped barrel $100.00
Bevel magazine well (bluing additional) $60.00
Lower and flare ejection port (bluing additional) $60.00
Polish barrel and feed ramp, starting at $80.00
Fit custom trigger (does not include cost of trigger) $60.00
Fit custom hammer (does not include cost of hammer) $100.00
Mill slide for low profile rear sight $160.00
Mill slide for front dovetail sight $60.00
Install stake on front sight (does not include sight) $60.00
Install extended magazine release (does not include mag release) $40.00
Modify frame for beavertail grip safety (does not include safety or refinishing) $100.00
Install extended ejector for increased reliability (rear of ejector is cold blued after fitting) $60.00
Fit and install custom extended or ambidextrous safety lever (does not include safety lever) $40.00


Performance Bundles

The Dependable

Completely disassemble, clean, check, and test fire, install Wolff custom recoil spring, firing pin, main and sear springs, tune the extractor, polish breech face, feed ramp and disconnector rail $125.00


The Defense

Completely disassemble, clean, check, and test fire, Install Novak fixed low mount rear sight and dovetail front sight, trigger job (4lbs), tune extractor, polish breech face, feed ramp and disconnector rail $225.00


The Tactical

Completely disassemble, clean, check, and test fire. Install Trijicon night sights, Wilson beavertail grip safety or backstrap change, Cylinder & Slide Tactical II trigger pull kit (includes 4lb pull, skeletonized tactical hammer with relieved sides to eliminate frame rub, ultra match sear and disconnector, light sear spring and 18lb hammer spring), Ed Brown tactical safety, Wilson extended slide release, tune extractor polish breech face, feed ramp and disconnector rail $450.00


Professional Scope Mounting:


  • Each firearm is safety checked prior to mounting the scope.
  • The correct rings and bases are chosen for your firearm and scope combination.
  • We Loctite® the bases to ensure that they stay tight even on the heaviest recoiling guns.
  • The rings are aligned properly to eliminate undue stress on the scope. We also offer ring lapping for the discriminating shooter.
  • The scope will be positioned so that the eye relief is correct and the crosshairs are level. Both eye relief and crosshair position can be somewhat of a personal setting. We’ll allow you to shoulder the gun and set each to your taste.
  • Base, ring and windage screws are torqued properly.
  • Every scope is bore-sighted. Bore-sighting aligns the crosshairs with the bore and ensures that you have enough adjustment when zeroing.

We finish up by wiping down your firearm with quality gun oil so that you know it’s protected.

Boresighting $15.00
Scope Mounting w/bore-sighting $30.00
Scope Mounting w/bore-sighting and ring lapping $50.00


Long Gun/Rifle Services:

Complete clean, disassemble, safety check, oil and reassemble (rust removal and or excessively dirty firearms are additional) Bolt Actions, Pumps, Levers & Auto rifles $60.00
Check headspace $40.00
Make chamber cast $60.00
Lap barrel $80.00
Cut and crown average barrel (sight work additional) $80.00
Recrown only $60.00
Install new bolt handle, (handle not included) starts at $200.00
Inlet new bolt handle to stock and receiver $60.00
Install tactical bolt knob (parts not included) $120.00
Checker bolt handle (per panel) $100.00
Drill & Tap (per hole) $20.00
Inlet stock for peep sights or side mounts $80.00
Jewel bolt $120.00
Jewel extractor $80.00
Jewel follower $120.00
Zero in rifle at range (ammo not included) $80.00
Glass bed finished rifle, starting at $100.00
Install aluminum pillars and glass bed $160.00
Inlet & glass bed semi-inlet stock $60.00/hr
Dovetail .22 rifle for tip-off rings $60.00
Dovetail for open sights (per cut) $60.00


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