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TSI, Inc. is currently providing specialized training and security services around the globe. TSI's security professionals posses a myriad of talents and experience in all aspects of domestic and international security operations. Drawn primarily from the US Special Operations community, TSI is particularly geared towards operations in high-risk locations. TSI can provide the following services:

Vulnerability and Security Assessments

TSI can perform extensive vulnerability and security audits for governments and corporations to help identify areas of weakness in their overall security programs. TSI utilizes current Department of Defense protocols, which have been enhanced to ensure that our client's facility or critical site is evaluated, based on actual or perceived threat. Our assessment teams consist of trained and experienced personnel who have been conducting assessments for the US Department of Defense, State Department and in support of Homeland Security. All surveys and assessments provide the client with a detailed, comprehensive written evaluation that includes recommendations on mitigation and enhancement. TSI is also capable of rapidly implementing all survey/assessment recommendations to ensure that the client and his facility, personnel or critical site is safe-guarded. Our teams are highly mobile and are capable of supporting prospective clients in any location, normally within 48 hours.

Security Training

TSI's goal is to provide real-world expertise and professional instruction in all aspects of security and protective operations. TSI provides security related training to government and corporate personnel (pre-deployment), security teams and individuals in the areas of close protection, Initial Terrorist Awareness (INTAC), evasive and offensive/defensive driving, surveillance, counter-surveillance, surveillance detection as well as Unit Level operational courses to support agencies in meeting any task along the security continuum. TSI can conduct courses at any location around the globe (Mobile Training Teams) based upon the clients requirements.

Mobile Security Teams (MSTs)

TSI also provides a variety of security services through our Mobile Security Teams (MSTs). These teams are consist of former operators primarily from the ranks of the US Special Operations and intelligence communities, all of which are equipped and experienced to meet any need. These needs could include: Armed Convoy Escort, Personal Protective Services, Site or Facility Security, Protective Intelligence, Asset Recovery or Special Tasks. TSI's MSTs are prepared to deploy and conduct a variety of operations around the globe with little notice in support of US national security objectives, corporate requirements, private business or foreign interests.

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