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US: 307-486-2336

TSI's Range Operations division provides our customers and potential clients with a total live-fire range capability. Whatever your needs, TSI's range personnel are able to provide a quick, professional and cost effective solution anywhere in the world. We carry a full line of target lifters, materials and supplies from top US vendors and have the expertise and know-how to perform custom range design, installation and maintenance services.

A partial listing of services includes:

  • Design or re-design of all types of ranges (CQB Houses, Known Distance ranges, EMOE/Breaching ranges, Multipurpose ranges, aircraft or ship mockups, etc.)
  • Target Mechanism sales and service. We carry or support ATA, Caswell, Action Target, Militec, Polytronic target lifters and mechanisms.
  • Target Faces, facades and special target needs
  • Range Maintenance and Service. Modernization, upgrades or general maintenance and repairs.
  • Range Safety Training. Our training staff can provide a fully accredited Range Safety Officers (RSO) training course at your facility or ours, on all aspects of Range Safety operations.
  • Live-Fire exercise support. Many training agencies are culminating their training courses with a Full Mission Profile (FMP) type of final training exercise. We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to safely design, setup and run virtually any FMP live-fire event. This is done seamlessly with our clients to ensure the utmost in student safety and realism.

Please contact us with your particular needs and we will have a working proposal in your hands within 48 hours. "If you need realistic, safe range support, look no further than TSI's Range Operations."