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9 September 2012 - Tactical Solutions International, Inc. has recently begun offering Explosive Storage at our facility in Crowheart, Wyoming. TSI, Inc.'s new ARMAG Type II Explosives Magazine allows for storage of up to 1,000 lbs NEW. Local agencies and organizations desiring to store their explosive materials are requested to contact our Director of Operations, Mr. Kevin Underwood to discuss TSI/ATF storage requirements.

5 August 2012 - TSI and the Grizzly Rock Ranch Host their 2nd Annual "Rocking The Winds" Wounded Warrior Party

The hum of the aircraft engine was barely audible 5,000 feet above the Grizzly Rock Ranch in Crowheart. At 6 PM, Mr. Dana Bowman, a former US Army Special Forces operator and double amputee stepped out of the aircraft and began his freefall towards the earth carrying a 1,500 square foot American Flag packed tightly against his body. At 2,500 feet above the ground, Dana deployed his parachute and the American flag, and began his slow decent towards the Drop Zone located directly in front of the "Rocking the Winds" stage. Ms. Sandie Brooks and the members of the Beyond Control Band performed a perfect rendition of the National Anthem while Dana was under canopy. As if this patriotic scene had been rehearsed a thousand times, Sandie hit her culminating vocal note as Dana and the flag gently touched down in front of a highly emotional crowd...this was the opening ceremony for the 2nd annual "Rocking the Winds" Wounded Warrior Party.

Former US Army Special Forces Operator & double amputee Mr. Dana Bowman under canopy during the opening ceremony of "Rocking the Winds" Wounded Warrior Party, held 3-5 August 2012 at the Grizzly Rock Ranch in Crowheart.

This years event was to provide support to the Green Beret Foundation and the Wounded Warrior Project, both very important organizations that serve our Special Operations soldiers and their families. "Our Special Forces soldiers are asked to perform the most difficult wartime missions imaginable... and they do so in secret with full knowledge that once deployed, there is a high probability that they may be killed or wounded. It really takes a special breed of man to volunteer for this type of military assignment; and the toll it takes upon their family during their constant deployments is heart breaking..." said Mike Duncan, a retired US Army Special Forces member and veteran of Desert Storm and Somalia. "Events like this provide a vital function, not only in fund-raising, but in allowing our veterans, our Wounded Warriors and their families an outlet to communicate; to bring their stories to the community from which they now smile and enjoy the celebration of camaraderie. My hats off to the Bewley's for putting this event on each year...I am already looking forward to next years party!" said Duncan.

Ms. Sandie Brooks and members of the Beyond Control Band at "Rocking the Winds."

The 2nd Annual "Rocking the Winds" Wounded Warrior party provided live music nightly, shooting competitions, a Pig-Pickin', Horseshoe Tournament, Bar and Mess Hall, Comedy Shows, area bike rides, horse-back riding, camping and best of all, brotherhood and camaraderie for all in attendance. It was with some regret that we were not able to conduct our live-fire military assault demonstration during this years event, but the Statewide Fire Ban made the use of explosives and pyrotechnics illegal. We will hopefully have no issues next year and we will be able to utilize our new "Taliban Shoot-house!"

The Grizzly Rock Ranch wishes to thank Ms. Sandie Brooks and the Beyond Control band; Ray Mills and the band Messenger who traveled from Nebraska again this year to support us; the band Sweetwater from Riverton; comedian Crank Williams and his Blue Water Comedy Club, as well as all of our local friends and businesses who donated their time, prizes and donations in order to make the "Rocking the Winds" event a success. Next years party is scheduled for 2-4 August 2013 and we are anticipating support from some named bands and a MUCH LARGER crowd. Those who would like to assist in the planning for next year or who would like to make advanced plans, please contact the Ranch at 486-2248.

12 July 2012 - Tactical Solutions International, Inc. has just completed its first manufactured prototype of a new tactical pistol, aptly named "the Grizzly." The "Grizzly" is based on a Glock 22 in .40 cal and consists of a variety of custom adds and modifications at the request of various SOF operators and contractors. The "Grizzly" is currently undergoing formal testing and evaluation, and to date has surpassed all evaluated expectations and criterion. Once testing and evaluation are completed, we will formally introduce the "Grizzly" to the public.

5 June 2012 - Tactical Solutions International, Inc. has been accepted as a signatory company for the International Code of Conduct (ICoC), Switzerland in a formal signing ceremony 1 June 2012. Ambassador Claude Wilde, ICoC committee congratulated TSI, Inc. for their support and commitment to the ICoC and their desire to set high standards of accountability and human rights as they pertain to Private Security Companies operating in austere and unstable environments.

3 May 2012 - Tactical Solutions International, Inc. has won a firm fixed price contract to support the Area Support Group-Qatar with Physical Security Analyst services. The base year (plus two option year) contract was awarded under contract #W912D2-12-C-0004 and begins 1 May 2012. Mr. Christopher Gagne, a TSI, Inc. Physical Security Specialist, will manage and support the contract from Doha, Qatar. Congratulations to Chris on his new assignment!

17-19 November 2008 - Tactical Solutions International, Inc. and the hydration giant Camelbak Products joined efforts during the recent MILIPOL 2008 trade-show, held in Doha, Qatar . The joint TSI-Camelbak stand was located within the US pavilion and hallmarked a variety of tactical products and services. TSI's Vice President, S. Jessica Bewley stated that the Milipol show was just one of the many trade shows and security conferences that TSI participates in each year. "We have had great interest from many of the regional militaries and security forces who are visiting Milipol this year, and we look forward to greater support and cooperation with them in the very near future" said Bewley.

TSI and Camelbak have a long-standing business relationship, with TSI serving as their military and international agent for Qatar. "TSI and Camelbak have the same vision-providing the best products and services to our nations forces, and also to those friendly nations that support our efforts in the war on terror. Milipol was a great opportunity for both Camelbak and TSI to showcase what we do and what we provide" said Bewley.

New Tactical Medicine Department   New Office Locations   Vulnerability Assessment Teams

TSI has recently augmented its opertional capabilities with its establishment of a new "Tactical Medicine" Department. This new operational department is fully staffed by ex-USSF (18D) Paramedics and is currently being contracted to support DoD operations in Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Tactical Solutions International has recently closed our Baghdad and Kuwait offices after successful contract completions. We are hoping to re-establish the Kuwait office within the coming months, with the Doha, Qatar office still scheduled for opening in early 2009. Our Abu Dhabi office continues to be the hub of our growth in the Middle East.


27 September 2004. Abu Dhabi, UAE. TSI, Inc. Director and CEO, Brian A. Bewley announced today that TSI, Inc. is poised to deploy the first Critical Site/Installation Vulnerability Assessment Team within the Arabian Gulf region. The mission of the Vulnerability Assessment Team is to provide contracted clients with a detailed analysis of their current threat, security procedures.